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## Note: no longer maintained!
This software isn't maintained any longer. It had a good run, but I eventually decided to go back to just using official WhatsApp clients.
It probably won't work any more; at the time of writing, WhatsApp were rolling out a new beta version of WhatsApp Web that supported connecting
to WhatsApp directly without going via your phone, which is totally unsupported by this bridge. If you're reading this in ✨ the future,
this has probably become the only remaining way of connecting to WhatsApp, rendering this code somewhat useless.
The rest of the README is archived below, for posterity.
# whatsxmpp
[![XMPP chatroom:](](
A WhatsApp Web transport for the [Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)](, otherwise known as Jabber. (alpha!)
@ -164,13 +173,6 @@ you're in, and the bridge is done! @@ -164,13 +173,6 @@ you're in, and the bridge is done!
**Tip:** If your client supports [XEP-0144: Roster Item Exchange]( (Gajim on desktop is good for this), send `getroster` to the admin user
to pop up a window where you can insert all your WhatsApp contacts in one go!
## Support
[![XMPP chatroom:](](
Come join us in []( if you
have questions or issues using the bridge.
## License