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;;;; Condition types for errors returned by WhatsApp
(in-package :whatscl)
(define-condition status-code-error (error)
:initarg :status-code
:reader scerror-status-code)
:initarg :operation
:reader scerror-operation))
(:report (lambda (condit stream)
(with-slots (status-code operation) condit
(format stream "~A returned wrong status code: ~A" operation status-code))))
(:documentation "An error (with failure code STATUS-CODE) originating from some asynchronous WhatsApp operation, the nature of which is described by the keyword OPERATION.
Unless the error is also of type LOGIN-ERROR, these conditions are often non-fatal and can be ignored."))
(define-condition login-error (status-code-error) ()
(:report (lambda (condit stream)
(with-slots (status-code operation) condit
(format stream "Login to WhatsApp failed during stage ~A with code ~A" operation status-code))))
(:documentation "Subclass of STATUS-CODE-ERROR that indicates a failure to log into WhatsApp."))
(defun cb-check-status (conn details &optional (reason :generic-operation) (condition-type 'status-code-error))
"Verifies that the included DETAILS object contains a :status key with value 200. If not, signals a condition of type CONDITION-TYPE, using the provide REASON as the OPERATION slot."
(declare (ignore conn))
(unless (eql (aval :status details) 200)
(error (find-class condition-type)
:operation reason
:status-code (aval :status details))))
(defmacro function-check-status (&optional reason (condition-type '(quote status-code-error)))
"Returns a lambda taking (conn details) that calls CB-CHECK-STATUS with (conn details reason)."
(let ((conn-sym (gensym))
(details-sym (gensym)))
`(lambda (,conn-sym ,details-sym)
(cb-check-status ,conn-sym ,details-sym ,reason ,condition-type))))