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eta a956a4f547 bump web version 11 months ago
nix add Nix derivation (using tazjin's buildLisp.nix) for the library 2 years ago
.gitignore nix: remove all the derivations, just take a lispPkgs argument 2 years ago add snarky README 3 years ago
api.lisp Parse contacts, chats, and new incoming messages (!); keep connected with pings 3 years ago
binproto.lisp Okay the last commit was a *huge* mistake 3 years ago
connection.lisp Queue outgoing node messages when not connected, instead of asserting 2 years ago
crypto.lisp Add functions for *uploading* media (but not sending) 2 years ago
default.nix More rigorous handling of WhatsApp error return codes 2 years ago
errors.lisp oops 2 years ago
events.lisp emit Call payload 1 year ago
message.lisp Add support for sending image messages & initial chat history 2 years ago
message_wire.lisp fix protobuf-induced breakage 1 year ago
packages.lisp Actually export some stuff 2 years ago
tables.lisp Add various types of ack support, improve resilience when encoding JIDs 3 years ago
utf-16.lisp CL-JSON is stupid and doesn't do UTF-16 properly... 3 years ago
utils.lisp The damn thing actually sends messages now! 3 years ago
whatscl.asd More rigorous handling of WhatsApp error return codes 2 years ago
whatscl.lisp bump web version 11 months ago


This is a Common Lisp WhatsApp Web library. Is it documented or ready to use yet? No.