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= Contributing to WeeChat
:author: Sébastien Helleu
:lang: en
== Reporting bugs
First, some basic things:
* Use only English to communicate with developers.
* Search in issues if the same problem or feature request has already been
reported (a duplicate is waste of time for you and the developers!).
* If you can, please check if the problem has been fixed in development version
(if you are using a stable release or old version).
* Report only one bug or feature request per issue.
=== Security reports
Please *DO NOT* file a GitHub issue for security related problems, but send an
email to <> instead.
=== Required info
When reporting[issues] on GitHub,
please include:
* Your *WeeChat version*: the output of `/v` in WeeChat, for example:
_WeeChat 1.7-dev (git: v1.6-6-g997f47f)_. +
If WeeChat does not start at all, please include the version displayed by
`weechat --help` (or the version installed with your package manager).
* Your *operating system*: its name and version (examples: Linux Debian Wheezy,
FreeBSD 10.0, Windows/Cygwin 64-bit, Windows/Ubuntu 64-bit...).
* The *steps to reproduce*: if possible, please include a reproducible example:
explain the steps which led you to the problem. +
It's even better if you can reproduce the problem with a new config (and no
scripts loaded): try `weechat --dir /tmp/weechat` and check if you have the
problem here.
* The *gdb's backtrace* (only for a crash): if you can reproduce the crash
(or if you have a core file), please include the backtrace from gdb (look at[User's guide]
for more info).
* The *actual result*.
* The *expected result*: the correct result you are expecting.
Most of times, the WeeChat crash log file (_weechat_crash_YYYYMMDD_xxx.log_) is
*NOT USEFUL* to fix the bug, so please report this file *ONLY* if a developer
asked you to send it (and be extremely careful, this file can contain personal
data like passwords and contents of your chats).
=== Scripts related issues
If you are using scripts, they can cause problems/crashes. To check if the
problem is related to one script, try to unload them one by one (using
command `/script unload <name>`).
Many issues reported are in fact related to bugs in scripts, so please first
check that before reporting any issue on WeeChat itself.
If you think the problem comes from a specific script, please report the issue
in the[scripts git repository]
== Translations
Pull requests on GitHub for fixes or new translations are welcome at any
time, for[WeeChat] and the website[].
To start a translation in a new language (not yet supported), please look at[translations]
in Developer's guide.
== Feature requests
WeeChat is under active development, so your idea may already have been
implemented, or scheduled for a future version (you can check in[roadmap] or[milestones] on GitHub.
Pull requests on GitHub are welcome for minor new features.
For major new features, it's better to discuss about it in IRC
(server: _irc.libera.chat_, channel _#weechat_).
Before submitting any pull request, be sure you have read the[coding rules]
in Developer's guide, which contains info about styles used, naming convention
and other useful info.