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(in-package :sxcl)
(defun request-http-upload-slot (comp service-jid filename size mime-type)
"Requests an XEP-0363 HTTP Upload slot from the service at SERVICE-JID, aiming to upload the file with FILENAME, SIZE (in bytes) and MIME-TYPE. Returns a promise that resolves with a list of the form ((PUT-URL . ((HEADER-NAME . HEADER-VALUE) ...)) GET-URL)."
(declare (type xmpp-component comp) (type string service-jid filename mime-type) (type integer size))
(with-iq (comp service-jid)
(cxml:with-element "request"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +file-upload-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "filename" filename)
(cxml:attribute "size" (write-to-string size))
(cxml:attribute "content-type" mime-type)))
(lambda (results)
(let ((slot-node (get-node-named results "slot")))
(unless slot-node
(error "Malformed XEP-0363 response: no <slot/>"))
(let* ((children (child-elements slot-node))
(put-node (get-node-named children "put"))
(get-node (get-node-named children "get"))
(headers '()))
(unless (and put-node get-node)
(error "Malformed XEP-0363 response: PUT or GET nodes missing"))
for node across (child-elements put-node)
do (let ((name (dom:tag-name node)))
(when (equal name "header")
(setf headers (cons
(cons (dom:get-attribute node "name")
(dom:node-value (elt (child-elements node) 0)))
`((,(dom:get-attribute put-node "url") . ,headers) ,(dom:get-attribute get-node "url")))))))