Slimline fork of, with lots of things cleaned up and improved
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#pragma once
#include <boost/signals2.hpp>
#include <boost/thread.hpp>
#include <boost/thread/mutex.hpp>
#include <iostream>
#include <queue>
#include "Swiften/EventLoop/EventLoop.h"
namespace Transport {
* Thread serves as a base class for any code that has to be excuted as a thread
* by the ThreadPool class. The run method defines the code that has to be run
* as a theard. For example, code in run could be sendinga request to a server
* waiting for the response and storing the response. When the thread finishes
* execution, the ThreadPool invokes finalize where one could have the code
* necessary to collect all the responses and release any resources.
* NOTE: The object of the Thread class must be valid (in scope) throughout the
* execution of the thread.
class Thread {
int threadID;
Thread() {
virtual ~Thread() {
virtual void run() = 0;
virtual void finalize() {
int getThreadID() {
return threadID;
void setThreadID(int tid) {
threadID = tid;
* ThreadPool provides the interface to manage a pool of threads. It schedules
* jobs on free threads and when the thread completes it automatically deletes
* the object corresponding to a Thread. If free threads are not available, the
* requests are added to a queue and scheduled later when threads become
* available.
class ThreadPool {
const int MAX_THREADS;
int activeThreads;
std::queue<int> freeThreads;
std::queue<Thread *> requestQueue;
boost::thread **worker;
boost::mutex count_lock;
boost::mutex pool_lock;
boost::mutex criticalregion;
Swift::EventLoop *loop;
boost::signals2::signal<void()> onWorkerAvailable;
ThreadPool(Swift::EventLoop *loop, int maxthreads);
void runAsThread(Thread *t);
int getActiveThreadCount();
void updateActiveThreadCount(int k);
void cleandUp(Thread *, int);
void scheduleFromQueue();
int getFreeThread();
void releaseThread(int i);
void workerBody(Thread *t, int wid);
} // namespace Transport