Slimline fork of, with lots of things cleaned up and improved
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* libtransport -- C++ library for easy XMPP Transports development
* Copyright (C) 2011, Jan Kaluza <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02111-1301 USA
#pragma once
#include <Swiften/Version.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <vector>
#include "Swiften/Disco/EntityCapsManager.h"
#include "Swiften/Elements/ChatState.h"
#include "Swiften/Elements/IQ.h"
#include "Swiften/Elements/Message.h"
#include "Swiften/Elements/Presence.h"
#include "Swiften/Elements/RosterItemPayload.h"
#include "Swiften/Elements/VCard.h"
#include "Swiften/Network/BoostConnectionServer.h"
#include "Swiften/Network/Connection.h"
#include "Swiften/Network/Timer.h"
#include "Swiften/Parser/PayloadParsers/FullPayloadParserFactoryCollection.h"
#include "Swiften/Parser/XMPPParser.h"
#include "Swiften/Parser/XMPPParserClient.h"
#include "Swiften/Presence/PresenceOracle.h"
#include "Swiften/Serializer/PayloadSerializers/FullPayloadSerializerCollection.h"
#include "Swiften/Serializer/XMPPSerializer.h"
#include "transport/protocol.pb.h"
namespace Transport {
class UserManager;
class User;
class Component;
class Buddy;
class LocalBuddy;
class Config;
class NetworkConversation;
class VCardResponder;
class RosterResponder;
class BlockResponder;
class DummyReadBytestream;
class AdminInterface;
class NetworkPluginServer : Swift::XMPPParserClient {
struct Backend {
int pongReceived;
std::list<User *> users;
Swift::SafeByteArray data;
std::shared_ptr<Swift::Connection> connection;
unsigned long res;
unsigned long init_res;
unsigned long shared;
bool acceptUsers;
bool longRun;
bool willDie;
std::string id;
NetworkPluginServer(Component *component, Config *config, UserManager *userManager);
virtual ~NetworkPluginServer();
void start();
void setAdminInterface(AdminInterface *adminInterface) {
m_adminInterface = adminInterface;
int getBackendCount() {
return m_clients.size();
const std::list<Backend *> &getBackends() {
return m_clients;
const std::vector<std::string> &getCrashedBackends() {
return m_crashedBackends;
void collectBackend();
bool moveToLongRunBackend(User *user);
void handleMessageReceived(NetworkConversation *conv, std::shared_ptr<Swift::Message> &message);
unsigned long spawnBackend();
void handleNewClientConnection(std::shared_ptr<Swift::Connection> c);
void handleSessionFinished(Backend *c);
void handlePongReceived(Backend *c);
void handleDataRead(Backend *c, std::shared_ptr<Swift::SafeByteArray> data);
void handleConnectedPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleDisconnectedPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleBuddyChangedPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleBuddyRemovedPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleConvMessagePayload(const std::string &payload, bool subject = false);
void handleConvMessageAckPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleParticipantChangedPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleRoomChangedPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleVCardPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleChatStatePayload(const std::string &payload, Swift::ChatState::ChatStateType type);
void handleAuthorizationPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleAttentionPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleStatsPayload(Backend *c, const std::string &payload);
void handleQueryPayload(Backend *b, const std::string &payload);
void handleBackendConfigPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleRoomListPayload(const std::string &payload);
void handleRawXML(const std::string &xml);
void handleRoomInformation(const std::string &payload);
void handleUserCreated(User *user);
void handleRoomJoined(User *user, const Swift::JID &who, const std::string &room, const std::string &nickname,
const std::string &password);
void handleRoomLeft(User *user, const std::string &room);
void handleUserReadyToConnect(User *user);
void handleUserPresenceChanged(User *user, Swift::Presence::ref presence);
void handleUserDestroyed(User *user);
void handleBuddyUpdated(Buddy *buddy, const Swift::RosterItemPayload &item);
void handleBuddyRemoved(Buddy *buddy);
void handleBuddyAdded(Buddy *buddy, const Swift::RosterItemPayload &item);
void handleUserBuddyAdded(User *user, Buddy *buddy);
void handleUserBuddyRemoved(User *user, Buddy *buddy);
void handleBlockToggled(Buddy *buddy);
void handleVCardUpdated(User *user, std::shared_ptr<Swift::VCard> vcard);
void handleVCardRequired(User *user, const std::string &name, unsigned int id);
void handlePIDTerminated(unsigned long pid);
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Swift::Message>> wrapIncomingMedia(std::shared_ptr<Swift::Message> &msg);
void send(std::shared_ptr<Swift::Connection> &, const std::string &data);
void pingTimeout();
void sendPing(Backend *c);
void sendAPIVersion(Backend *c);
Backend *getFreeClient(bool acceptUsers = true, bool longRun = false, bool check = false);
void connectWaitingUsers();
void loginDelayFinished();
void handleRawIQReceived(std::shared_ptr<Swift::IQ> iq);
void handleRawPresenceReceived(std::shared_ptr<Swift::Presence> presence);
void handleStreamStart(const Swift::ProtocolHeader &) {
void handleElement(std::shared_ptr<Swift::ToplevelElement> element);
void handleStreamEnd() {
UserManager *m_userManager;
VCardResponder *m_vcardResponder;
RosterResponder *m_rosterResponder;
BlockResponder *m_blockResponder;
Config *m_config;
std::shared_ptr<Swift::ConnectionServer> m_server;
std::list<Backend *> m_clients;
std::vector<unsigned long> m_pids;
Swift::Timer::ref m_pingTimer;
Swift::Timer::ref m_collectTimer;
Swift::Timer::ref m_loginTimer;
Component *m_component;
std::list<User *> m_waitingUsers;
bool m_isNextLongRun;
std::vector<std::string> m_crashedBackends;
AdminInterface *m_adminInterface;
bool m_startingBackend;
time_t m_lastLogin;
Swift::XMPPParser *m_xmppParser;
Swift::FullPayloadParserFactoryCollection m_collection;
Swift::XMPPSerializer *m_serializer;
Swift::FullPayloadSerializerCollection m_collection2;
std::map<std::string, std::string> m_id2resource;
bool m_firstPong;
} // namespace Transport