6 Commits (c8be02c1a41d54a18b93c63a2dec3f6bbc22d034)

Author SHA1 Message Date
eta 51b16becd1 *: massive decruftification & cleanup 3 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 19106c7ec4 Switch to jsoncpp 5 years ago
Jan Kaluza eb8f7ddad9 Slack: Better HTTPRequests logging 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 83ba9855b5 Fix crash after HTTPRequestQueue destruction caused by HTTP response arriving after its destruction 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 26a01b8efa Slack: allow registering an account and chatting with normal contacts. 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 5adb3d1f97 Support for registering OAuth2 users using spectrum2_manager + lot of Slack improvements 7 years ago