11 Commits (c8be02c1a41d54a18b93c63a2dec3f6bbc22d034)

Author SHA1 Message Date
eta 51b16becd1 *: massive decruftification & cleanup 3 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov ce2218d086 using boost::signals2 with compatibility for older swiften 5 years ago
Vladimir Matena 6d2f8c1927 Switch from boost shared pointers to stl shared pointers (#162) 6 years ago
Jan Kaluza 84ea5f3249 Libtransport, Web Interface: Rewrite the AdminInterface to support pluggable commands - use this API in Web Interface instead of coding one page per command. 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 17f3dabe14 Libtransport: Fix and enable rawXML tests 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza fd9c9af71b Slack: Send real team name chosen by user to Web interface, create channel chosen by the user when joining the room if it does not exists 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 8df5cd7d1b Spectrum2 manager server: Allow registration of users 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 5adb3d1f97 Support for registering OAuth2 users using spectrum2_manager + lot of Slack improvements 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 3e75beb954 Almost working OAuth2 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 15e16d709e Remove cpprest - we cannot use C++11 unfortunately. Make the Slack and XMPP frontends as a plugin (statically compiled for now) 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 78e71f9345 Cleanup the includes, rename source code files to match the class name exactly 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza fe47e0979b Split libtransport in two - libtransport and XMPPFrontend (lives in ./spectrum/src/frontends/xmpp). It's first step to allow generic Spectrum 2 frontends. 7 years ago