389 Commits (c8be02c1a41d54a18b93c63a2dec3f6bbc22d034)

Author SHA1 Message Date
eta c8be02c1a4 libtransport: store MUC messages in the database 2 years ago
eta fd07c721c0 libtransport, xmpp: attempt to reconnect to pg, fix presences 2 years ago
eta 8f28f44c33 libtransport, xmpp: persist MUC names in the DB 2 years ago
eta a16e75ef40 libtransport: get rid of dodgy filesystem manipulation code 2 years ago
eta 34ff29d773 NetworkPluginServer: avoid doing crazy pid tricks, remove signal blocking crap 2 years ago
eta 2fc832b72e NetworkPluginServer: handle argc/argv sanely when spawning backends 2 years ago
eta 51b16becd1 *: massive decruftification & cleanup 3 years ago
eta 7aa2cf0aad Separate room information thing (from ages back) 3 years ago
himselfv d8d9ffeef5 Refactoring and polishing wrapIncomingMedia 4 years ago
himselfv 2366bd5a1e Testing: Config class override to allow dynamic setting changes 4 years ago
me@boku.ru 54294070b9 Trying to implement message splitting option 4 years ago
Steffen Vogel 36753323f9 fix code-style in CMakeLists.txt: 4 years ago
Steffen Vogel bf6b5b689b add missing implementation of virtual destructor 4 years ago
Steffen Vogel a2a72c9029 remove duplicate forward declaration 4 years ago
Steffen Vogel f43eb0bdd6 add missing destructor to virtual class 4 years ago
himselfv f54778939b Fix: Add forgotten LOG4CXX_DEBUG override for builds without log4cxx 4 years ago
me@boku.ru 0bc979e93d Added LOG4CXX_TRACE override missing from the no-log4cxx path 4 years ago
himselfv f9daec6305 RosterManager: Refactored the subscription handling function 4 years ago
himselfv c4f4db0a41 1. AuthRequestList for auth request, 2. Some comments 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov be3af42a21 MySQLBackend: disable autoreconnect, control CR_SERVER_LOST manually 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 9b5ec6eedb MySQLBackend: prepared statement results buffering, fixes #183 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 19106c7ec4 Switch to jsoncpp 5 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov c0aa6483c6 Remote Roster ProtoXEP -> XEP-0321 or XEP-0356 5 years ago
me@boku.ru 161a798890 Use the default JID resource for the sender when forming carbons 5 years ago
himselfv 0a78acefef Carbons (#267) 5 years ago
dexterlb 10eea7ab77 wrap incoming images in x:oob tag 5 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov ce2218d086 using boost::signals2 with compatibility for older swiften 5 years ago
Steffen Vogel af0c5d6f19 fix more compiler warnings emitted by Clang on Travis-CI 5 years ago
Steffen Vogel e63427c2da fix a lot of compiler warnings thrown by newer GCC versions 5 years ago
Manuel Mausz f916febf5d Fix value_type definition of std::map. (#186) 6 years ago
Vladimír Matěna f328e80a97 Fix possible double free in ThreadPool 6 years ago
Vladimir Matena 6d2f8c1927 Switch from boost shared pointers to stl shared pointers (#162) 6 years ago
Jan Kaluza fe69cbd7a1 Web interface: support diplaying tables generated on transport's side 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 6e1af765cd AdminInterface: Support labels for commands 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 84ea5f3249 Libtransport, Web Interface: Rewrite the AdminInterface to support pluggable commands - use this API in Web Interface instead of coding one page per command. 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 1e48fe7719 Libtransport: Fix memory leaks in tests, fix HTTPRequest memory leak in CURL code 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 5dd1aa90b4 Slack: Handle 'account_inactive' error 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 00c5273fbb Slack: Handle channels starting with hash, do not reconnect to Slack RTM when URL expired 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza c80c02ccb1 Libtransport: Rename user when he tries to connect to room from second client with different nickname than he used with first client 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 80d1f8f90f Libtransport: Disconnect from room when user is connected using multiple resources and he just disconnects one of them without sending unavailable presences to the rooms 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 9de5e656da Libpurple + Libtransport: Support aliases in rooms, fix joining rooms on protocols where you cannot join with custom nickname, show topic in the service discovery for rooms. 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 39c8618da6 Libtransport: Allow setting room list per user 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 5f04f45903 Libtransport: Fix #85 - Add iconhash field to Participant type. When backend uses that field, Frontends will ask for VCards with name set to 'room/user' format. 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 17f3dabe14 Libtransport: Fix and enable rawXML tests 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 10d29c265b Conversation: Use full JID escaping when \40 found in the room JID 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 321215840b Fix #92 - Handle the XMPP user's VCard change and forward it to the backend. 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza 4353dbef02 Libtransport: Better WebSocketClient logging 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza eb8f7ddad9 Slack: Better HTTPRequests logging 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza fd9c9af71b Slack: Send real team name chosen by user to Web interface, create channel chosen by the user when joining the room if it does not exists 7 years ago
Jan Kaluza c9cd2218b1 Slack: get the bot_access_token when requesting the token and use it to connect RTM 7 years ago