2143 Commits (c8be02c1a41d54a18b93c63a2dec3f6bbc22d034)

Author SHA1 Message Date
eta c8be02c1a4 libtransport: store MUC messages in the database 3 years ago
eta 6c2a438bf2 nix: spend lots of time for relatively small closure size gains :( 3 years ago
eta 403e44fbbb Conversation: hash message ts/from/content to generate IDs 3 years ago
eta c218ee97f0 libpurple: more clang-format 3 years ago
eta fd07c721c0 libtransport, xmpp: attempt to reconnect to pg, fix presences 3 years ago
eta 409f6e718b libtransport: tentatively undo presence spam 'fix'? 3 years ago
eta 8f28f44c33 libtransport, xmpp: persist MUC names in the DB 3 years ago
eta a579c99678 nix: name the docker image what it's actually called 3 years ago
eta a16e75ef40 libtransport: get rid of dodgy filesystem manipulation code 3 years ago
eta 53c2c0cacf libpurple: add options to force load plugin, print loaded plugins 3 years ago
eta 34ff29d773 NetworkPluginServer: avoid doing crazy pid tricks, remove signal blocking crap 3 years ago
eta bbc4e9b363 libtransport: remove hacky logging/getcwd/chown code 3 years ago
eta 2fc832b72e NetworkPluginServer: handle argc/argv sanely when spawning backends 3 years ago
eta e5feb4e654 main: remove all chown/chdir stuff (use your init system, people!) 3 years ago
eta 8ab4533e25 libpurple: remove all file transfer code, autogenerate temp user dir 3 years ago
eta 650d39b9c5 nix: hack the libpqxx package to not depend on postgres proper 3 years ago
eta c3407d462f nix: add drvs for libpurple, purple-discord & build a docker image 3 years ago
eta cf8a7e00c7 pidgin, *: remove ugly win32 pidgin hacks, add Nix expression (!), fix utf8cpp 3 years ago
eta 51b16becd1 *: massive decruftification & cleanup 3 years ago
eta 7aa2cf0aad Separate room information thing (from ages back) 3 years ago
eta a74d48a144 reduce presence spam 3 years ago
eta e68c6e33d6 add disco#items 3 years ago
eta a44456ca59 disable VCard requests 3 years ago
eta 87615d81db Fix libpurple crashes & improve room list and MUC behaviour 3 years ago
eta e93306eca8 Change default logging configs to use syslog 3 years ago
eta 9b8fb63002 Hack around presence explosion issues, and reduce presence spam 3 years ago
eta d0649faf67 don't send annoying "Connected to Twitter room!" notice 3 years ago
eta e34dc2a4fd ignore Doxygen CMake stuff 3 years ago
Florian Kinder f9dfb1528c Added multi tree support in roomlist 3 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov b497f10be1 libtransport: oob_split should not be default mode 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov d670192101 Dockerfile: add purple-gowhatsapp 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 7a19ac9445 Dockerfile: split RUN command to allow caching 4 years ago
jdoe0 9ca572bea3 xmpp: add missing semicolon 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov c831e06542 2.0.12 ChangeLog 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 8e70c0b7a6 revert libpurple tests 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 1a7d4870d5 Revert "Own message loopback tracking implementation" 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov fb2efa0800 Revert "Some binary tests for backend_libpurple's loopback tracker." 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 4c983152ea 2.0.11 ChangeLog 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov d900a559a6 packaging: liblog4cxx10-dev | liblog4cxx-dev for Debian 10 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 4d23f66db8 Fix compatibility with pqxx 6.x 4 years ago
vitalyster a4648ae284
Update README.md 4 years ago
vitalyster 94f9750e56
Update README.md 4 years ago
Michael Wieland ce3de354c4 Support Steam Guard for Mobile Authenticator and Email (fixes #351) 4 years ago
vitalyster 16b3950ac7
Fix AppVeyor badge 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 3aa1ca0385 CMake: yet another fix for LIB_INSTALL_DIR 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov b52637674e CMake: another fix for case-sensitive variables 4 years ago
Vitaly Takmazov 913cbe1555 CMake: variables are case-sensitive 4 years ago
vitalyster be70531803
Update CMakeLists.txt 4 years ago
me@boku.ru a8e7c07b93 Restore C++98 compatibility 4 years ago
himselfv 347aea8569 Tests for wrapIncomingMedia 4 years ago