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#[macro_use] extern crate diesel;
#[macro_use] extern crate serde_derive;
#[macro_use] extern crate failure;
#[macro_use] extern crate log;
#[macro_use] extern crate lazy_static;
#[macro_use] extern crate diesel_migrations;
extern crate whatsappweb_eta as whatsappweb;
mod config;
mod logging;
mod store;
mod modem;
mod comm;
mod util;
mod schema;
mod models;
mod contact;
mod contact_factory;
mod contact_common;
mod admin;
mod control;
mod control_common;
mod sender_common;
mod whatsapp;
mod whatsapp_media;
mod whatsapp_conn;
mod whatsapp_msg;
mod whatsapp_ack;
mod insp_s2s;
mod insp_user;
mod irc_s2c;
mod irc_s2c_registration;
mod irc_s2c_v3;
use crate::config::Config;
use crate::store::Store;
use crate::modem::ModemManager;
use crate::control::ControlBot;
use crate::comm::{ChannelMaker, InitParameters};
use futures::{Future, Stream};
use crate::contact_factory::ContactFactory;
use tokio_core::reactor::Core;
use crate::insp_s2s::InspLink;
use crate::irc_s2c::IrcServer;
use crate::whatsapp::WhatsappManager;
use tokio_signal::unix::{Signal, SIGHUP};
use std::path::Path;
fn main() -> Result<(), failure::Error> {
eprintln!("[*] sms-irc version {}", env!("CARGO_PKG_VERSION"));
eprintln!("[*] an eta project <>\n");
let config_path = ::std::env::var("SMSIRC_CONFIG");
let is_def = config_path.is_ok();
let config_path = match config_path {
Ok(p) => p,
_ => {
if Path::new("config.toml").exists() {
else if Path::new("/etc/sms-irc.conf").exists() {
else {
eprintln!("[!] *** I can't find a configuration file! ***");
eprintln!("[!] Please place one either at ./config.toml or /etc/sms-irc.conf...");
eprintln!("[!] ...or set the SMSIRC_CONFIG environment variable to point to one!");
panic!("Cannot find a configuration file!");
eprintln!("[+] Reading configuration file from file '{}'...", config_path);
if !is_def {
eprintln!("[*] (Set the SMSIRC_CONFIG environment variable to change this.)");
let config: Config = toml::from_str(&::std::fs::read_to_string(config_path)?)?;
let mut cm = ChannelMaker::new();
eprintln!("[+] Initializing better logging system...");
let cll = config.logging.chan_loglevel
.as_ref().map(|x| x as &str).unwrap_or("info").parse()?;
let sll = config.logging.stdout_loglevel
.as_ref().map(|x| x as &str).unwrap_or("info").parse()?;
let ign = config.logging.ignore_other_libraries;
eprintln!("[*] IRC loglevel: {} | stdout loglevel: {}", cll, sll);
let logger = logging::Logger::new(cll, sll, ign, cm.cb_tx.clone());
info!("sms-irc version {}", env!("CARGO_PKG_VERSION"));
let configs = (config.client.is_some() as u32)
+ (config.insp_s2s.is_some() as u32)
+ (config.irc_server.is_some() as u32);
if configs != 1 {
error!("Config must have EXACTLY ONE [client], [insp_s2s] or [irc_server] section!");
panic!("invalid configuration");
info!("Connecting to PostgreSQL");
let store = Store::new(&config)?;
debug!("Initializing tokio");
let mut core = Core::new()?;
let hdl = core.handle();
debug!("Initializing modem");
let mm = ModemManager::new(InitParameters {
cfg: &config,
cfg2: &(),
store: store.clone(),
cm: &mut cm,
hdl: &hdl
hdl.spawn(mm.map_err(|e| {
// FIXME: restartability
error!("ModemManager failed: {}", e);
panic!("modemmanager failed");
let stream = Signal::new(SIGHUP).flatten_stream();
hdl.spawn(stream.for_each(|i| {
info!("Got signal {}", i);
}).map_err(|e| {
error!("Signal handler failed: {}", e);
debug!("Initializing WhatsApp");
let wa = WhatsappManager::new(InitParameters {
cfg: &config,
cfg2: &(),
store: store.clone(),
cm: &mut cm,
hdl: &hdl
hdl.spawn(wa.map_err(|e| {
// FIXME: restartability
error!("WhatsappManager failed: {}", e);
panic!("whatsapp failed");
if config.client.is_some() {
info!("Running in traditional IRC client mode");
debug!("Initializing control bot");
let cb = {
cfg: &config,
cfg2: config.client.as_ref().unwrap(),
store: store.clone(),
cm: &mut cm,
hdl: &hdl
hdl.spawn(cb.map_err(|e| {
// FIXME: restartability
error!("ControlBot failed: {}", e);
panic!("controlbot failed");
debug!("Initializing contact factory");
let cf = ContactFactory::new(config, store, cm, hdl);
let _ =|e| {
error!("ContactFactory failed: {}", e);
panic!("contactfactory failed");
else if config.insp_s2s.is_some() {
info!("Running in InspIRCd s2s mode");
let fut = {
cfg: &config,
cfg2: config.insp_s2s.as_ref().unwrap(),
store: store.clone(),
cm: &mut cm,
hdl: &hdl
let _ =|e| {
// FIXME: restartability
error!("InspLink failed: {}", e);
panic!("link failed");
else if config.irc_server.is_some() {
info!("Running in IRC server mode");
let fut = IrcServer::new(InitParameters {
cfg: &config,
cfg2: config.irc_server.as_ref().unwrap(),
store: store.clone(),
cm: &mut cm,
hdl: &hdl
let _ =|e| {
// FIXME: restartability
error!("IrcServer failed: {}", e);
panic!("server failed");