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A WhatsApp Web and SMS bridge for internet relay chat (IRC). (beta!)

What is this?

This monstrosity lets one user send and receive SMS messages through IRC, using a USB 3G modem plugged in to the server running it. It also has integrated support for WhatsApp, using the whatsappweb-rs library. Using it requires running your own IRC daemon, or having a friendly IRC daemon somewhere that lets you make large numbers of connections from one IP address.

It also has support for the InspIRCd spanning-tree protocol (v1.2), allowing you to link it to an IRC network as a pseudo-server. (This is the configuration used by the author, and is probably the most reliable way to use the bridge.)

This is also the spiritual successor of matrix-appservice-sms, in that it does the same thing as matrix-appservice-sms, except way more reliably and for a different protocol.

How do I set it up?

Documentation is currently being worked on, and will be available soon! If you're really keen, you can get in touch with eta, who should be able to help you set it up.