8 Commits (c8d64e6cae752f898e9f7b269c47b4e2af131306)

Author SHA1 Message Date
eta dd50e8c624 Revamp contact nick handling (+ minor s2c changes) 4 years ago
eta a918d723e2 Proper timestamp support, broken history fetching 4 years ago
eta d82ec9e1a7 Vastly improved contact creation, WA notify tracking 4 years ago
eta e62a533c27 Display WA backlog messages received while bridge was offline 4 years ago
eeeeeta 616b03a84e add avatar support, linking in to a Quassel database (beta) 4 years ago
eta 2437fb924e store WA state in database (finally) 5 years ago
eeeeeta 94b1886e2f add whatsapp support, and more 5 years ago
eeeeeta 53f7823e75 initial commit - stuff works! 5 years ago