59 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
eta 6e768510c1 bump ww-rs to fix version, init issues 3 years ago
eta 18ff4a1645 bump ww-rs version again, oops 3 years ago
eta 8cd4e979f6 bump ww-rs version 3 years ago
eta 7e12390c66 Less crappy message stub handling 3 years ago
eta c8d64e6cae Avoid dropping messages with missing ciphertext on the floor 3 years ago
eta 6797a83d61 avoid colliding with the configured admin nick 4 years ago
eta 72c7799505 Use Unidecode library to handle non-Unicode nicks (0.2.0 bump) 4 years ago
eta 93940b9d5c ww-rs bump 4 years ago
eta 9d402b064e Reorganize ack and message processing out into their own submodules 4 years ago
eta 8d8729dc3d 0.2.0-pre: upgrade to ww-rs-eta 0.5.0-pre1 4 years ago
eta 8f74139888 well that was irresponsible (using path in Cargo.toml) 4 years ago
eta a918d723e2 Proper timestamp support, broken history fetching 4 years ago
eta 86eb075d46 truncate is harmful, and can cause panics 4 years ago
eta 329281c542 ww-rs bump to reduce annoying logging 4 years ago
eta 29028af3db Get ack tracking working with new ww-rs version, warn on pending 4 years ago
eta e62a533c27 Display WA backlog messages received while bridge was offline 4 years ago
eta 0ddea45897 Update dependencies, use new whatsappweb-eta crate name 4 years ago
eta cd1f3bd9e3 whatsapp: add support for ack / read receipt tracking 4 years ago
eta 8e54c052ac clean dead code, bump ww-rs 4 years ago
eta fc9604f526 bump ww-rs version, add self-removal special case 4 years ago
eta 285e054b43 bump whatsappweb version 4 years ago
eta 98b53e2c45 embed migrations, fix contact downloading, suppress dead code warnings 4 years ago
eta 219abb7af8 Replace log4rs with simpler home-grown logging system 4 years ago
eta f41c53d478 Use new ww-rs code to handle more WA message types 4 years ago
eta bb9d9d82d1 New admin / command UI (phase 1), whatsappweb bump 4 years ago
dependabot[bot] 0448d34789
Bump derive_builder from 0.5.1 to 0.7.1 4 years ago
dependabot[bot] 0041cb37d2
Bump uuid from 0.6.5 to 0.7.4 4 years ago
dependabot[bot] c1261b88e9
Bump toml from 0.4.10 to 0.5.1 4 years ago
eta 2dce9063b7 whatsapp: add autocreation support & force joining 4 years ago
eta 7128624b53 deps reshuffle 4 years ago
eta 77557c6c29 Update dependency versions & use std TryFrom 4 years ago
eeeeeta 616b03a84e add avatar support, linking in to a Quassel database (beta) 4 years ago
eeeeeta 3bdb7371f2 bridge channel topics & changes, display group actions better 4 years ago
eeeeeta 9f640af584 handle formatting and mentions in WA messages; truncate unimplemented stuff 4 years ago
eeeeeta e03c1bd822 ww-rs version bump 4 years ago
eeeeeta 4bd79c20e6 add SIGHUP handler 4 years ago
eeeeeta b5115fc345 bump whatsappweb version to remove ws hack 5 years ago
eeeeeta dec535fd22 update to latest reqwest 5 years ago
eeeeeta d5835627fa update lockfile 5 years ago
eeeeeta 846dbf542e properly refresh metadata, fix read handling 5 years ago
eeeeeta 7e1e0d8185 update ww-rs version to fix all the bugs 5 years ago
eeeeeta 91d6ac213e improved media handling, caption support 5 years ago
eta f997160602 add video support (experimental) 5 years ago
eta 32a7b8d547 add MIME extension guessing support 5 years ago
eta 7cddf8c7b3 add experimental WA media support 5 years ago
eta 72da8a8376 experimental insp s2s support, other cleanups 5 years ago
eeeeeta 58a2643782 update waw 5 years ago
eeeeeta 78bac6e506 update waw 5 years ago
eeeeeta 94298a69ff update waw 5 years ago
eeeeeta bc7769cf81 update waw 5 years ago