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(in-package :nea/ircd)
(defparameter *ircv3-server-time-format*
`((:year 4) #\- (:month 2) #\- (:day 2) #\T (:hour 2) #\: (:min 2) #\: (:sec 2) #\. (:msec 3) #\Z)
;; <value> ::= YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssZ
"IRCv3 server-time extension time format.")
(defparameter *human-time-format*
'((:hour 2) #\: (:min 2) #\: (:sec 2) #\Z)
"Human-friendly relative time format.")
(defparameter *human-date-and-time-format*
'((:year 4) #\- (:month 2) #\- (:day 2) #\Space (:hour 2) #\: (:min 2) #\: (:sec 2) #\Z)
"Human-friendly date and time format.")
(defparameter *significant-time-difference-seconds* 5
"Number of seconds under which message timestamp differences are ignored when printing them to humans.")
(defun simple-date->local-time (ts)
"Converts a SIMPLE-DATE timestamp to a LOCAL-TIME timestamp."
(multiple-value-bind (year month day hour minute sec msec)
(simple-date:decode-timestamp ts)
(local-time:encode-timestamp (* msec (expt 10 6)) sec minute hour day month year)))
(defun timestamp-to-v3-server-time (ts)
"Converts TS (a LOCAL-TIME timestamp) to an IRCv3 server-time string."
(local-time:format-timestring nil ts :format *ircv3-server-time-format*))
(defun timestamp-to-human-time-prefix (ts)
"Converts TS (a LOCAL-TIME timestamp) to a string representing that timestamp, relative to the current timestamp right now. Returns NIL if there's no significant time difference.
For example, a message sent an hour ago might only show the time, whereas a message sent yesterday would include the date component as well."
(let ((now (local-time:clock-now t)))
nil ts
:format (if (and (eql (local-time:day-of ts) (local-time:day-of now))
(eql (local-time:timestamp-year ts) (local-time:timestamp-year now)))
(if (<= (- (local-time:timestamp-to-unix now)
(local-time:timestamp-to-unix ts))
(return-from timestamp-to-human-time-prefix nil)
(setf local-time:*default-timezone* local-time:+utc-zone+)