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(in-package :nea/ircd)
(define-condition irc-user-error (error)
:initarg :numeric
:reader irc-user-error-numeric)
:initarg :args
:reader irc-user-error-args
:initform nil)
:initarg :text
:initform nil
:reader irc-user-error-text))
(lambda (c s)
(format s "~A"
(irc-user-error-text c)
(find-numeric-text (irc-user-error-numeric c))
"Unknown error")))))
(defun raise-user-error (numeric &rest args)
(error 'irc-user-error :numeric numeric :args args)
(defun raise-user-error-with-text (numeric text &rest args)
(error 'irc-user-error :numeric numeric :text text :args args)