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eta f63685be76 writeup: we love typos 2 years ago
eta 7e0b0c1f8c writeup, code: it's done! (mostly) also fix the bugs 2 years ago
eta 890854ceda writeup: that ought to be good enough for a first draft 2 years ago
eta fd2346ef14 writeup: the design section is pretty much done 2 years ago
eta 06ad6c3f0d writeup: mostly finish OOP section 2 years ago
eta 6dbc8c8181 writeup: more progress! more diagrams 2 years ago
eta d207a6a03e writeup: much progress! many diagrams! 2 years ago
eta 754d9ddfc0 fix small schema typo, do moar writeup 2 years ago
eta abc9bfab78 writeup: initial progress 2 years ago
eta 86847ad3dd Add somewhat hacky way of adding a user 3 years ago
eta aa970e5006 Add Makefile & command-line config, so the app can run standalone 3 years ago
eta 9462df64f2 Add the ability to change modes (on a basic level) 3 years ago
eta 83bdd09b9a Add a bunch of IRC commands, and topic changing 3 years ago
eta 3e4cba9c2b Get groupchat join/part working, and groupchat messaging! 3 years ago
eta ab4ead3236 Send JOIN messages to the client for groupchats they're in 3 years ago
eta 2fdc75c3e5 Make message handling more generic (adding in system messages) 3 years ago
eta aa8a59bc62 whoops, actually add this groupchats file to the ASD 3 years ago
eta 27eb6a6c0c Add groupchat directory entries, and functions to work with them 3 years ago
eta 9c3b091bbc Add some functions for manipulating groupchats and groupchat roles 3 years ago
eta 0530293142 Moving code around is oddly satisfying 3 years ago
eta 5b8ed2dad9 Add PRIVMSG support and actually insert messages! 3 years ago
eta 7e8c54e4b1 Super shonky message delivery(tm), with server-time/timestamp support 3 years ago
eta 4e74aa97e8 Merge branch 'master' of [redacted] 3 years ago
eta 613142f4a0 Start work on actually delivering messages; use sequence numbers 3 years ago
eta a13319aa63 fix the *CLIENTS* hashtable (it now has alist values) 3 years ago
eta 55d2eec147 Associate each connection with a device ID as well 3 years ago
eta 5f2b564613 don't depend on babel and flexi-streams 3 years ago
eta 50b73fc84f Unify account and nickname; implement PASS; always require auth 3 years ago
eta ebd892629e Switch to PostgreSQL; add schema & port over SASL code 3 years ago
eta f9a182e1f7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 3 years ago
eta 51af91e9df Make sure the socket in IRC-LISTEN always gets closed 3 years ago
eta ee5e13ca52 Add some databasey things and make SASL actually work with them 3 years ago
eta 8076ef614c Fix style globally 3 years ago
eta ef8a2588a0 New condition-based user error system, basic PRIVMSG impl 3 years ago
eta 3563f6d819 add a stubbed out SASL implementation, for when we need it 3 years ago
eta eb53b3c2df Actually handle nicknames properly, improve error & quit handling 3 years ago
eta ada8a7abb4 Actually send a registration wall'o'text, and add the target nick on in a functional manner 3 years ago
eta 6bf4a79f01 Tidy up the registration flow a bit, improving actual functioning 3 years ago
eta ef93a09c17 Some initial stabs at the client registration flow 3 years ago
eta b3ae2e476d wacky new CLOS-based message validator system 3 years ago
eta ba62510c69 move stream ops around & add nicknames 3 years ago
eta d3c7a7fe47 more file shuffling 3 years ago
eta 261b0e9b0a unbreak the IRC parser, in more ways than one 3 years ago
eta 4e09b95071 move some code around & relabel it a bit 3 years ago
eta cfd56c95bf add ASDF definition 3 years ago
eta 50054eb0f4 *.cl -> *.lisp 3 years ago
eta 3cd3d66b3d add IRC serialization, add simple socket server to test this 3 years ago
eta 439d2edaa6 remove unnecessary Alexandria dependency 3 years ago
eta 376f07db72 add code to parse IRC message sources as well 3 years ago
eta 95005a7913 add a somewhat functional IRC message parser, hopefully 3 years ago