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What is this?

Capybara is a lightweight manager for lemonbar, written in C. It will start and manage lemonbar for you, and automagically update when bspwm changes.

Great. How do I get it to work?

You'll need the following dependencies:

Then, compile!

$ gcc barm.c -o barm

If you don't want pulseaudio or mpd support, there are compile flags for that. If you want to change the font, go edit the source yourself.

$ gcc barm.c -o barm -DNO_PULSEAUDIO -DNO_MPD

Then, run it!

$ ./barm

It should automagically update window title, current desktop (of focused monitor), load, and time. If you want it to update instantly, send it a SIGUSR1 (this is needed if you want instant updates for volume, etc):

$ kill -USR1 `pidof barm`

How do I configure it?

You don't (at least not yet). It should be programmed intuitively enough for you to just dive in and make changes. Patches welcome.

Looks misaligned?

You probably don't have exactly the same screen as me. Change this line:

if ((barfp = popen("lemonbar -g 1890x20+15+10...

Specify your own dimensions to lemonbar (after the -g option).

It's broken!

I'd love it if you'd tell me. Feel free to report an issue on GitHub.